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  'LETS GET DOWN AND RUEDA' - With icansalsa
  Welcome everybody to the icansalsa basic cuban Casino Rueda steps which can be danced 'one on one' or as a group in a Rueda 'wheel'. . (Click here for Andy introduction clip#) This website is for the more intermediate dancer and none of the steps have been broken down as much as Salsa Moves #1 and #2. For information on rueda visit the rueda section of the icansalsa website. The best place in the world to learn rueda is out in Miami where you can find some the worlds top rueda instructors Rene Gueits of Salsa Lovers, Luc Pinto of Latin Heat and also I should also metion that has also a vast information source for rueda in the USA.

This site is definitely not a substitute for going to classes across the world but to just run through steps that you may come across. The reason why we enjoy salsa is that we love going out and meeting new people and also to see some of the great dancers and instructors across the world perform.

Anyway I hope this page is of some use. Please feel free to send any feedback how you found the site. Obviously styles across the world slightly differ.

You will need though Microsofts Media player to play the Clips on this webpage. If you do not have this installed on your PC please see for a download.

Thanks for your time and enjoy

  Salsa Instructor
  IMPORTANT: Please consult your doctor before trying any of these moves and techniques.

The dancers/ instructors and those who link to this site accept no liability or loss in connection with attempting any of the moves shown
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